Nintendo Released An SNES Classic Trailer To Show You All The Features Of The System You Won't Be Able To Buy

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I was out on the SNES Classic before I saw that trailer. Yeah I know I said I neeeeeeeeded one when the Classic was first announced a few months ago. But after thinking long and hard about buying a remake of a system that is literally gathering dust in my basement as I type this, I figured I would wait for the inevitable Nintendo 64 Classic just so I could play Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye until my eyes bleed.

But that was before Nintendo brought out the big guns and rubbed 90s nostalgia all in my face with that commercial. As over-the-top 90s as it can get. I don’t think a music video of the Fresh Prince rollerblading with a flannel shirt tied around his waist as he slammed down Dunkaroos and Gushers by the pound could have made me miss the 90s more. Sure we live in a day and age where you can buy a virtual reality headset that can place you in the middle of space or an orgy with your favorite porn stars. But does that VR machine have something called SUPER FX as well as “edgy” fonts, bright colors, and an unlimited amount of guitar riffs in its commercial? I don’t think so. Game, set, match, Nintendo. I can’t wait to get my SNES Classic once preorders open!

Oh what was that? They already went on sale in the middle of the night on Amazon and Best Buy when washed up folks like me were sleeping and sold out pretty much instantly?

Unless you happened to be awake late in the night, there’s a good chance you missed out on the opportunity to pre-order the SNES Classic Edition in the US from two retailers. More stores are still set to launch their pre-orders, and it looks like that might be happening very soon. Both Amazon and Best Buy brought their pre-orders online in the middle of the night and, despite the hour, quickly sold out. Best Buy’s listing showed the system in and out of stock for a period of time, but as of this morning, it appears to be completely gone. It’s unclear if either store will offer more in advance of launch on September 29.

Nintendo had previously said that US pre-orders would launch by the end of August. The official SNES Classic website states that you can “pre-order now from these retailers,” listing Amazon and Best Buy alongside four others: GameStop, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us. None of these stores’ listings appear to have gone live yet, however, though Nintendo’s website makes it sound as if that is imminent. We’ll continue to update our guide on how and where to pre-order a SNES Classic with all of the latest details, but you’ll likely need to act quickly in order to secure a pre-order.

via Gamespot

Fuck you Nintendo! If you think that making the system that I don’t even know if I want basically impossible to get is going to make me want it more…well, you are pretty much right. But still, fuck you Nintendo.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to rewatch that trailer again and remember a time when life was easy and bills were something my parents complained about but I never gave a second thought to.

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