Couple On Flight To Vegas Couldn't Stop, Wouldn't Stop Banging The Entire Time

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Dallas News - A couple accused of engaging in sex acts on a Southwest flight Saturday were met by Las Vegas police upon landing but aren’t facing charges, according to KVVU-TV.

On the flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas, crew members confronted the passengers and told them to stop, but the passengers continued their activities. Police were called and met the passengers when the plane landed about 8:10 a.m.

“Apparently they just couldn’t control themselves,” said Michael Oram, McCarran International Airport spokesman to the station. “They were all over each other.”

“Nobody on the flight wanted to file charges,” Las Vegas police Lt. John Liberty told KSNV-TV. “The flight crew left and did not even file a statement, so we have nothing to charge them with. They were identified, and all the information will be turned over to the FBI.”

He said police did not receive video from the crew or passengers.

Southwest Airlines apologized to other passengers on the flight for the couple’s actions.


Straight up, nobody wants to see PDA. Love is gross. You know when your buddy gets together with a new girlfriend and they are all holding hands and laughing at each other’s lame jokes and actually enjoy spending time together? It’s vomitrocious.

Now, think about being on a plane.

You just want to sit there, pop a few pills with a glass of red wine, and fall asleep before the safety instructions start and then either wake up on fire on the side of a mountain or safely at your destination. No small talk with your neighbor or friend you’re flying with, no opening the window so the loser in the aisle seat can see the fucking clouds, no nothing. Flights should be silent. Babies should be force fed bleach if they make a sound. And no, Miss Flight Attendant, I don’t want your tiny cup that you fill with ice and 2 ounces of soda.

That all being said, if you can fuck on a plane without disrupting anyone around you, go for it. And when you’re on a flight to Vegas, rules are laxed. Laws, rules, and regulations don’t exist in Vegas, nor the flight over there. They took an overnight flight, landing at 8:10 and while the plane was Mutombo-dark, these love birds just wanted to fuck. And it worked. No passengers filed a complaint. The crew asked them to stop but it was more of a formality, they were probably rooting them on, hoping for new positions and maybe a money shot.

So while a plane is usually not a place for ruckus and shenanigans, joining the Mile High Club on the way to Vegas is acceptable, and big shout out to the crew for being very proactive and allowing the show to go on. Everyone wins before you even land in Sin City.