Two Kennedys Were Arrested For Refusing To Turn Down Music At The Compound

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Source-   Two members of the Kennedy clan were arrested for refusing to tone down a raucous party early Sunday.

Police in Barnstable, Mass., collared Matthew “Max” Kennedy, 52 — the ninth son of assassinated former New York senator Robert F. Kennedy — and his daughter Caroline, 22, at a home near the family’s famed Hyannis Port compound at 1 a.m.

Cops showed up after several noise complaints about the rager, where party-goers were also lighting off fireworks. Officers asked them to keep it down, but they refused, so police cuffed them, according to

The Kennedys broke a local noise law, which is punishable by a $100 fine and arrest, according to Barnstable Police Lt. John Murphy. “It’s a loud party statute, that’s what it’s used for,” he told the Boston Herald.

No one else was arrested, the Herald reported. Matthew pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday. Caroline Kennedy will be arraigned at a later date. Both were released without bail.

Wait- what? You can’t arrest a Kennedy! Not in Massachusetts at least. Remember Teddy’s little mishap? He was home in bed an hour later like nothing happened. Sure, Max and Caroline might have been playing the music a little too loud but so what? They have the compound, they can do whatever they want. They weren’t hurting anyone. It wasn’t unsupervised. Dad was ripping it up right alongside his daughter. I call that family bonding, not a loud party statute.

I don’t know if the arresting officer is new or what, but he must have balls the size of cantaloupes. The Kennedys have a lot of teeth in Massachusetts. They’ve probably got a guy at the RMV, someone at the town clerk office, someone on DPW, definitely a priest. They run deep. Officer ding-dong over here  just made his life significantly more difficult over some loud music and fireworks. Not worth it. To be fair, the music must have been BUMPING to drown out the noise of the ocean but that’s not the point. If it sounds like I’m condoning bad behavior and corruption, I’m not. I’m just legally obligated, as an Irishman, to defend the Kennedys.

Come to think of it, maybe the cops were in on it. A publicity stunt. Political arrests are the equivalent of celebrity sex tapes. Does wonders for the career. It would make sense; they’ve been out of the spotlight since Conor broke up with T-Swift. They have Joey but he’s just a State Rep. He could use the boost. Spin it into some sort of underage drinking campaign. Regardless, the Kennedys are back and it’s about damn time.