The Behind The Scenes Of How They Filmed The Game Of Thrones Frozen Lake Battle Is Fascinating

Oh my god they’re serious about doing this fucking zombie bear…

Fuck you.  We cannot afford a zombie polar bear.

But we put our feet down and said god damnit…

We want a zombie polar bear. 

That poor bastard who had to do the stunts for that.  Everyone else is having fun sword fighting, he’s getting thrown around on wires and smashed into the fucking ground over and over.

They stuck a flaming fireball orb in his damn mouth!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.44.53 AM

One of those days where it’s good to be an A-lister.

Anyway I love this shit.  Breaks the rare “watch an internet video longer than 2 minutes” rule for me.  Fascinating look behind the scenes and how much work goes into this stuff.

Still no word on if Jon Snow’s plan was actually bad.