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If You Think This Catch In The Junior League World Series Yesterday Should've Been Ruled A Home Run You're An Asshole

So obviously this unbelievable, once in a lifetime catch happened yesterday in a Junior League World Series game against Pennsylvania and Chinese Tapei. Jack Regenye, Pennsylvania center fiedler, tracked down a missile to left center and went full out extension Superman style to rob China of a home run. I was in full comatose mode on Sunday afternoon, but this catch made me fall out of bed. I honestly have never seen anything like it and apparently neither did the umpires. The umps initially called it an out then got together, reviewed the play, overturned the call, and awarded China a home run. Then they got together one more time and ruled it an out because they all have a brain. It reminded me of the scene in Semi Pro when Jackie tries an alley oop for the first time.

Took Father Pat a little while to get the call right, almost calling Jackie for two fouls, but in the end they counted the basket. The umps took forever here, but awarded an out in the end. Once the video started going around there were a ton of people who argued it should’ve been a home run.

Now let me tell you this… If you think they should’ve overturned that into a home run you’re a fucking asshole. You don’t believe in nice things, you run up to children and tell them Santa is fake, you’re just the worst. As long as your legs are still in play, in the air, while you’re going for the ball then in my mind it’s a goddamn catch. I don’t care where you end up. If your feet are on the ground, it’s a catch plain and simple. My man Jack, nicknamed J-Regs, went absolutely airborne to rob this homer in a play kids dream of. Every single kid growing up playing little league prays to God that they even have the chance to make this play. Hell, major leaguers pray for that type of moment and odds are they won’t ever get it. I can say with confidence that was one the most impressive baseball catches I’ve seen and if you argue it you better use these catches as reference.

Gary Matthews Jr. vs. the Astros

Jimmy Edmonds vs. the Astros in the Playoffs

Jimmy Edmonds vs. the Royals

Griffey Breaking His Wrist against the Rangers

P.S. There are countless Edmonds/Griffey catches on the web. It’s ridiculous how filthy those guys were in the field, just absolute wizards. Wanna get in a YouTube rabbit hole? That’s the good stuff.

P.P.S. Smitty is a big advocator that this should be a home run…shocker