Goodell About To Sign 5 Year Extension...PUKE EVERYWHERE



NFL – The NFL is close to finalizing a deal that would extend the tenure of Commissioner Roger Goodell through the 2024 season, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported Monday, citing a person informed of the talks.

I wish I could say I’m surprised by this but I’m not. If Goodell hasn’t been fired by now he’s never gonna be fired. The owners don’t care about ethics, morals, human decency, the Constitution, America, or anything else that our forefathers fought for. They only care about making money and the NFL is making a shit ton of it. They don’t want to disrupt the gravy train. I mean if Goodell could survive Bountygate, Ray Ricegate, Bullygate, Deflategate, Ezekialgate, Concussiongate he can survive anything. The man is the true Teflon Don.

The only thing I don’t get is that an ant could run the NFL. I mean football is literally recession proof. America needs football like we need air to breath. Hell people kept watching when the players went on strike. The fact that Goodell is constantly making front page news for all the wrong reasons just shows how inept he is at his job. So why keep this buffoon in power? Is it because he knows too much about concussions or other issues he would go public with? Is he blackmailing the owners? Do they pay him 40 million dollars a year just to be a punching bag for the media and take all the heat off the owners whenever something goes wrong? Whatever the case may be it’s obvious no matter how incompetent/corrupt Goodell is the owners aren’t going to disrupt the apple cart.  They make billions and Goodell takes all the blame for everything.