1979 News Anchor Talking About The Next Solar Eclipse In 2017: "May The Shadow Of The Moon Fall On A World At Peace"

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Welp. Happy Solar Eclipse Day everybody! The solar eclipse is the only thing people are talking about today. Literally the only thing. “Where should we watch it? Can I look directly at it? Where do I get glasses?” I’m so stupid I thought solar eclipses happened every 6 months or so. I was very surprised to wake up today in a world where a solar eclipse is the biggest news in the world. I’m also sorry to report back to the man from 1979 that things aren’t going great here in 2017. It was a nice gesture on his part to wish us the best but things just aren’t working out at the moment. Nuclear war might happen at any moment, Nazis are back in a a big way and apparently true love doesn’t really exist. I don’t know when the next solar eclipse is but may the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace/hopefully there’s a world at all.

On the other hand, things aren’t so bad

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