BioSteel Camp Is Here To Remind You That Hockey Season Is Back


June 11, 2017. The last time we had NHL action in our lives. That’s 71 days without hockey. 1704 hours without hockey. 102240 minutes without hockey. But today marks the start of the end. Because today is Day 1 of the BioSteel Camp.

If you’re unfamiliar, just think about every summer hockey camp you’ve ever been to. Except completely different because instead of your bender ass out there trying to up your game from a healthy scratch to a 4th line grinder, you’ve got Connor McDavid

Wayne Simmonds

Tyler Seguin

And a whole bunch of other NHL talent. It’s pretty much hockey fantasy camp and they were even polite enough to invite Tom Wilson as a Make-A-Wish participant.

BioSteel Camp is a reminder that we’re only about a month away from NHL training camps opening up. Which means we’re only about a month and a half away from the NHL regular season starting up. Think of it like Big Cat’s NFL Sandwich metaphor. The BioSteel Camp is essentially an appetizer for the NHL sandwich. Only it’s not just any appetizer. It’s a full blown appy sampy plater. You’ve got wings, you’ve got mozzarella sticks, you’ve got bruschetta, you’ve got onion rings, cheesesteak egg rolls, chips and guac, and then you’ve got Josh Ho-Sang doing shit like this on the regular.


RIP Vine.