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Football Coaches Locked In A Battle To Prove They Care The LEAST About The Solar Eclipse #FootballGuys

Nick Saban 

Will Muschamp

John Harbaugh 

There’s a fine line between Hardo and Football Guy.  In fact one could even make the argument that the two are one and the same, that any true football guy is equal parts passion, dedication, grit and hardo.  And the only thing better than one Football Guy is when a group of Football Guys are locked in a battle to the death over who is the biggest Football Guy and gives the least amount of fucks about a solar eclipse.  What you call a marvel of nature that comes around once in a lifetime, they call a distraction.  Catch them in a dark film room watching tape while you put your stupid little cardboard 3D glasses on from Amazon looking at the sky like a dunce while NOT winning any national championships.

Where’s Jim Harbaugh by the way?

Dumb question.  Jim Harbaugh doesn’t even know an eclipse is happening.  That’s how locked in he is to the film and the playbook.

And don’t even fucking ask about Belichick.