Wake Up With "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" By The Dan Band

Gonna be lots of eclipse talk today. LOTS. OF. IT. From shitty pictures on Facebook and Instagram to cube monkeys at the water cooler talking about it at work. We will probably even have a few blogs about it here. So I figured I would beat my blogger brethren to the eclipse punch with the greatest performance of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” ever. Hilarious yet respectful to the classic. And shout out to Mrs. Frank The Tank for being able to pivot from a stick in the mud in Old School to a feisty stick in the mud as Mrs. Ari in Entourage.

Also here is the OG song since it will forever be a banger.

And make sure not to stare directly at the sun today or you may end up like this sorry Uncle Charles looking son of a bitch from that very weird yet oddly sexy video.