The Ohio Machine Are Your 2017 MLL Champions Of The World

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well Major League Lacrosse must love the shit out of the NBA because they took this one straight from their playbook. Last year the Denver Outlaws won the MLL Championship by beating the Ohio Machine in the final seconds of the game. This year it was the Outlaws vs Machine again. Start of the 4th quarter and it looked like the Outlaws were well on their way to repeating as league champs. But then they blew the lead and the Machine won the rematch 17-12. Which now sets them up perfectly for the rubber match next year.

And just like that, another MLL season has come and gone. I don’t know what the ratings were on CBS Sports Network but throwing the championship game in the Ford Center with players who can do shit like this

is definitely a step in the right direction for the league. You had the young calfs like Cannizzaro and Kavanagh doing their thing. Then you also had Kyle Harrison still out there doing it live. Guy was winning national championships in 2005. Was playing in the MLL when there were still teams in Los Angeles. Was around for the LXM Pro Tour. And here he is 12 years later, still ring chasing.

More Highlights:

And real talk for a moment. I know there is an extremely small fan base for Major League Lacrosse. There’s a ton that the league could work on in terms of marketing the teams and the players. At it’s current state, I’d say it’s on par with the Big3. Is it a professional sports league? Yes. But does the general public take it seriously? Not at all. But while the league needs to do work to get more recognition, the players  are unbelievable. Which is a shame because the skill level is just way too high to get such little credit. Either way, shoutout to the boys for suiting up every week and ballin out there even though they know they’re not getting a ton of love for it.