Mets Trade Curtis Granderson To The Dodgers For A Player To Be Named Later Or Cash

Well that’s it. I thinnnnk the Mets mini fire sale is officially over. Even though Granderson would drive myself and millions of other Mets fans BONKERS by hitting in the .100s for a month at a time, I have to admit I loved that guy as a player. He came to Flushing before it was clear the Mets were going to become contenders and was exactly what we thought he would be. He mashed dingers (106 over almost 4 seasons) while hitting for a low average (.239) and had a nickname that was fun to scream when he came through (The Grandyman). He moved around the lineup and made adjustments, including hitting leadoff during the team’s run to the World Series in 2015 without saying boo, and also came through multiple times in clutch spots during the last two runs into the postseason. And of course the infamously classy Grandy was well-spoken all the way until his last day as a Met.

As for the return for Grandy, lets ask him what he thinks the Wilpons will end up settling on taking when it comes to compensation: A player to be named later or cash?

Yeah you are probably right, Curtis. I can’t wait for the Mets to miss out on the premium and even mid-level free agents after selling off multiple players then be fed a bunch of bullshit how ownership is committed to going for it in 2018 with David Wright’s corpse manning the hot corner, Lil D’s injury prone bat behind the plate, and a handwritten IOU note by the Wilpons playing 2nd base. Ya Gotta Believe, right? All in all, I just wish this Grandy trade ended up being for a player grab bag.

And while this trade doesn’t make me want to root for the Dodgers in the playoffs because they have #UtleyUButtley still cashing checks for them, it does take a little bit of sting away if they do continue to steamroll baseball and win the World Series. In the end, I just want Kershaw on the mound for a deciding Game 7 just to see what happens.