A Live-Action Jetsons Series Is Coming To ABC


Variety- A “Jetsons” live-action series has scored a put pilot order at ABC, Variety has learned. Based on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the series would be a multi-cam sitcom set 100 years in the future that follows the exploits of the Jetson family.

Robert Zemeckis will executive produce along with Jack Rapke via their Compari Entertainment banner. Gary Janetti, who has written for and produced shows like “Family Guy” and “Will & Grace,” will write and executive produce. Compari’s Jackie Levine will serve as a co-executive producer. Warner Bros. Television will produce in association with Nickelby Inc. and Compari.

So it looks like the suits at ABC went outside the box and decided to remake an old franchise by turning an old beloved cartoon into a live-action series. What a crazy concept! I’ll admit that I blindly wanted to hate this series for a multitude of reasons. First off, I feel like you are either a Flintstones guy or a Jetsons guy and I roll with those prehistoric motherfuckers from Bedrock. Fred Flintstone let me know as a portly youngster that I could end up with an attractive wife as a fat man if I just grinded and kept my nose down. History also tells us that having a ginger as the lead for your TV show is an uphill battle. The wacky neighbor or the asshole kid next door? Maybe. But a ginger lead has only been pulled off a few times, and I don’t think David Caruso or Brodie from Homeland are walking through the casting director’s door. And of course this just reeks of Hollywood continuing to be lazy as fuck by rebooting/remaking/remixing an old classic.

However despite all that, I am going to believe in this live-action Jetsons mumbo jumbo. You know why? Because big dick Robert Zemeckis is executive producing the show. Big Z wrote Back To The Future II and is the reason I still dream of a world filled with hoverboards and flying cars even though the movie was set in 2015 and none of that shit actually happened. Sure it breaks my heart that the movie lied to me. But at least we got to imagine a better future and Nike did release those Air Mags. Can you imagine what Bobby Zemeckis could think up for a show set in 2117? I’ll let KG answer that hypothetical.

And while having a ginger lead is rough, a ginger wife is #actuallygood. Especially Jane Jetson, who is definitely a first ballot Hall of Fame cartoon smokeshow that was wayyyy too hot for a shlep like George. Actually the fact Judy and Leroy looked nothing like either parent really makes you wonder if George got cucked by some futuristic Soucycle instructor. Anyway, as someone that has had a case of ginger fever ever since Ygritte and Jon Snow went into that cave and Sansa turned into a dime over the last year or so, I welcome a Jetsons series with open arms. Maybe tweak Judy’s hair from white to light blonde and make Elroy not a complete fucking nerd. Oh yeah and maybe Rosie could be one of those sex robots that have been in the headlines lately. Keep the cleaning ability and the French maid getup. But Rosie was the real MVP of the show when push came to shove. George is going to need someone’s warm embrace while Jane is “out late with the girls” (even though she’s probably working on a dark-haired sibling for Judy and Elroy).