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Barstool At The Park Presents Kane County Cougars Night This Saturday (Buy Tickets Here)


I’ll keep it brief. Tomorrow night marks the next edition of Barstool At The Park except instead of eating filet mignon at Yankee stadium like a bunch of fucking yuppies we’re going to be out at a minor league park with REAL AMERICAN FOLKS.


Northwestern Medicine Field gets rowdy. I know it doesn’t sound like it but it does. They have a juiced up speed pitch ( we like that, a lot) and a discounted beer garden which we absolutely love. A lot of you suburban stoolies are on your way back to college next week so put this weekend away with a bang. Come get loaded and heckle minor league baseball players and who knows maybe Big Cat will show up just kidding he’s definitely not coming but just pretend he is and come out by the thousands. K thx.

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