Some Nerd On CNN Called Barstool Unsofisticated

What the fuck dude? Fuck this fucking dweeb. Fucking nerd. Unsofisticated? Suck my dick Professor McWhorter. What the fuck kinda name is that? Uhhhh hey McWHOREter you know how many SAFTB tanks we sell to 12-year-olds bro? You know how many podcast downloads shitting in your pants attracts? We have a black guy on staff that we don’t allow in the office and a chick CEO. Does that sound unsofisticated to you? Didn’t think so. I delivered too many Nineveh references for this shit. Nineveh!

PS — I’m kinda sure Professor McWhorter here was talking about Barstool Sports? Either that or he just doesn’t have a very high opinion of folks who sit on barstools.