Today Is The 25 Year Anniversary Of Larry Legend Announcing His Retirement


It’s a summer Friday and if you’re at work there’s no chance you want to do anything, so why not take a few minutes to celebrate the Legend? It’s crazy to me that it’s been 25 years already since that moment above. I was only 5 years old when it happened, but I’m pretty sure it’s the first memory I have of seeing my Dad cry. Very emotional time in our house. There are few things Baby Boomers in the New England area love more than Larry Bird and that probably includes their own children. Hell, there are few things I LOVE more than Larry Bird, the namesake of my older monster.

Bird is one of those players that I wish got the opportunity to play in today’s NBA, not because of the skill or how the game has changed, but because of the improvements in the medical department. What’s crazy is that even though his body was completely shot his last few years as a Celtic, he was still the same old Bird. Averaging 24, 19.4, and 20 points in the last three years while shooting no less than 45.4% from the field despite having a back that was failing him is a true testament to his legend. Things looked like a wrap after that ’92 loss in the Eastern Conference Semis against Cleveland where Bird basically didn’t play the entire series, but we did get that one last glimpse of greatness that summer when Bird was part of The Dream Team before he officially called it quits on this day in 1992.

When it was all said and done, his 24/10/6.3/1.7/0.8 with 49/37% career splits made him one of, if not the greatest SFs ever in league history and certainly my favorite Celtic of all time. He and Magic not only saved the NBA, but the product you see in today’s game you can thank them for laying the groundwork for. There are so many stories it’s literally impossible to pick a favorite when it comes to Bird so I won’t try. I just know that the best way to sum up the career of Larry Bird was done by Magic Johnson at his retirement ceremony:

There will never…ever….EVER.. be another Larry Bird

Now, the good stuff

and now, if you wish, join me in a good cry


NBD but there IS in fact another Bird walking through that door sooooooooo