Trump Ghostwriter Predicts He Will Resign

So this Tony Schwartz character was the ghostwriter for the critically acclaimed “The Art Of The Deal” by Donald Trump aka Tony Schwartz. He spent 18 months with Donnie so he knows the guy pretty well. This fact intrigued me and I cared what he had to say.

However, after further investigation, it turns out the guy just fucking despises Donnie.


And apparently thinks he’s a damn psychiatrist. Whatever. Don’t care about this guy, but he brought up one key point — Donnie always finds a way to spin things into a win. He’s EXACTLY like Portnoy. Fucking guy gets big time cuckhoulded yet spins it into appointment radio and tshirts. No matter how much he loses, he wins. It’s crazy. It’s WILD, as Riggs would say. Fucking guy can say he’ll shoot people on 5th ave and get away with it or waltz right up to smokes and grab their vaginas and people are like “fuck yeah, love that guy, so genuine!”

No fucking chance he resigns. Not Donnie. Donnie will go down swinging slash file two thousands lawsuits before he resigns. Congressman and Senators will be shoulder deep in court hearings with private investigators up their asses scouring god’s green earth for any blackmailable material they can find and next thing you know, poof, Trump made it 4 (8?) years.

No way he resigns (but if he does, it will be in some “okay so I won the president thing, now moving on to bigger better things” way).