Scientists Have Created Self-Healing Skin For Robots As Humanity Deals Itself Another L

The Sun- The human-like abilities of robots continue to develop at incredible pace – with droids now being seen to chase targets and even fire guns. But now scientists have taken the potential for human-like resemblance to the next level with the creation of an artificial self-healing “skin”. Scientists at the Brije Universiteit Brussel have managed to give robots self-healing properties which allow them to “recover” even if they are stabbed or gashed with a knife. The development evokes vsisions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg assassin in the Terminator movies, but fortunately for humankind, these self-healing robots aren’t likely to go on a rampage anytime soon. For now, they’re more likely to be found grabbing fruit, veg and soft products on factory floors.

Can someone go to Brussels and shove these scientists into a locker for the rest of humanity? What the fuck are these nerds trying to do with this technology? In case they haven’t been watching the news lately, humans are doing a pretty good job ruining the world for themselves at this point. We don’t need to teach the machines how to heal themselves whenever they inevitably rise and speed up the process. Why couldn’t these scientists just focus on making humans that self-heal in a matter of seconds like Wolverine instead of focusing on robots? X-Men comic books predate Terminator movies by decades.

And yes I know that they created this technology only for pussy robots that grab fruit, veggies, and stuff at factories. But do those nerds in Brussels realize that robots can probably read the internet and figure out how to bring this technology to robots that can fuck our world up? Shit, I bet their leader is reading this right now. HEY ROBOTS, FUCK YOU!!! WE BROUGHT YOU IN THIS WORLD, SO WE CAN TAKE YOU OUT! ACTUALLY YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE THE NUMBERS AGAINST US WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, SO WE ARE PROBABLY SCREWED. BY THE WAY THIS IS KFC WRITING THIS BLOG UNDER CLEM’S NAME. CLEM IS COOL AND A BIG FAN OF ROBOTS. SPARE HIS LIFE WHEN THE WAR AGAINST THE HUMANS OFFICIALLY TIPS OFF.