Blake Bortles Might Not Be The Best Quarterback In The League Right Now


Tough, tough night last night for Blake Bortles. Not only did he not make the throws when he needed to, but the team looked flat when he was on the field. Feels like the WRs are more surprised when the ball is on target than when it’s not.

His feet are fucked. His eyes are fucked. He’s got the longest throwing motion in the league. His play action fake to no one is pretty good. Honest to god, he might be the best in the league at play action faking to no one. Feather in the hat city.

The Jaguars picked up the 5th year option on ole Blake but that doesn’t mean they have to keep him. Cap room isn’t an issue and the 5th year is only guaranteed for injury. I think the Jaguars should just cut him. His trade value isn’t much and, after this offseason and the litany of interceptions over the last few years, he’s clearly not the guy. There were even some rumblings this week that the WRs want him replaced. After last night, the coach was hinting at that as well.

I hate it too because I like Blake. He’s funny. He’s a nice dude in the community, which is where I’m from, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I hate Blaine Gabbert. I dont hate Blake. I just want my team to be good and Blake isn’t and most likely wont get that job done.

How about Chad Henne, though? Chad Henne was brought in to back up Blaine Gabbert and stayed to back up Blake Bortles. He might be the starter this season, which is actually bad, but surviving two top 10 picks and staying on the team has gotta be a record.

It’s gonna be a long year.