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Rock The Vote: This Semi-Pro Hockey Team Has A Chance To Be Called The "Wild Blueberries" With Your Help

Here’s the thing that’s great about Barstool Sports [dot] com. As the website continues to grow, we have an ability to do some really great stuff with a very large reach. Whether that’s donating money for terror relief or rallying all the Stoolies to go out and vote today for the new ECHL team in Portland, Maine being named the Portland Wild Blueberries.

In case you didn’t feel like watching the full 1:35 video, Portland got a team in the East Coast Hockey League this year. So instead of being mature, grown adults who make decisions on their own, they decided to leave the team name up to a fan vote. The 5 finalists right now are the Mariners, the Watchmen, the Wild Blueberries, the Lumberjacks, and the Puffins. Anybody with half a brain knows there’s really only one choice here.

Voting is one of the biggest responsibilities that we Americans (and also you Canadian hosers up north) have, and it is our civic duty to voice our opinions when Democracy is on the line. You think fans in Russia can name a team in the KHL the Wild Blueberries? Hell no. Because they’re communists and they don’t have freedom. But this is what our Founding Fathers fought for. They gave us the ability that assures all of our votes matter. That all votes are equal. This is American democracy in it’s purest form. Just you, one click on your computer, and a semi-pro hockey team eventually having to design uniforms for the Wild Blueberries.

So let’s do this. You owe it to your nation. Rock the Vote here at You can only vote once per IP address so let’s make sure you make that vote count.