Orioles Are 3 Games Out After Rollercoaster West Coast Trip, Manny Machado Is Back To His Old Ways, And I Think Tim Beckham Is A Hall Of Famer

The Orioles are finally back home after a long 10 game road trip where they had a chance to go 6-4, but naturally they dropped games they should have won, and came home with a 4-6 record on the trip to bring their record to 59-62. The Red Sox are so damn far ahead of them that I’m not even sure they are playing the same sport. The Orioles only hope for October baseball is the second wild card. Baltimore is 3 games back of that second spot that the Angels hold. And what wouldn’t you know it, the Angels are in town for a big 3 game series this weekend, which just happens to be the weekend that the Orioles are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ballpark that forever changed baseball, Camden Yards.

O’s won the first game of the trip in Anaheim thanks to a Manny grand slam, but then dropped the next two. Easily winnable games against pitchers that they should have owned, but in typical fashion, they couldn’t pull them out. 4 game series in Oakland, should be able to take 3/4? Nah, just split. Would have been nice to get that series win, but then they went to Seattle, won game 1 of the series, and again, dropped the next 2. West Coast trips have always been the Achillies Heel of the Orioles since Buck arrived, and this one was no different.

One guy who has turned it on recently is Manny Machado. We knew he continue his terrible first half, and boy were we right. He’s batting .333 with a .365 OBP since the All Star break, including a .343 average in August. He has 5 homers since the break, including 2 grand slams, both which came on this last west coast road trip. Back on the fourth of July, his average was .215, he’s climbed all the way back to .260. Who is the only Orioles hitter hotter than Manny? That my friend, is the new Orioles shortstop.

Heading into the games last night, Tim Beckham had 32 hits in the last 30 days, 7 more than the next closest person in the AL, Lorenzo Cain. Tim Beckham has just been an absolute spark plug. Who else could get traded at the deadline, and 2 weeks later have the team announce a T Shirt night for him (September 4th if you were wondering). Since putting on the black and orange, the future Hall Of Famer is hitting .485,  has 14 extra base hits, 5 homers, and in 12 of his 16 games as an Oriole, he’s had more than 1 hit. He has a decent glove, but his offensive game has been great. This is what the Rays saw when they made him the #1 overall pick back in 2008.

Beckham is team controlled, and the writing is on the wall for J.J. Hardy. Hardy has missed several months with a wrist injury, and even though Buck Showalter said Hardy would be the starter when healthy, you can’t possibly bench Beckham if he is continuing this hot run at the plate. Sorry J.J., but if anything, he’ll be a late inning defensive replacement.

We all laughed at Dan Duquette when he traded Tobias Myers for Beckham, but he knew what he was doing all along. Dumpster diving like he does every year. Beckham will be the starter next year, and has already provided the O’s with a WAR of 1.6 already, he only had a WAR of 1.3 with Tampa in 87 games. Shows what happens when you play baseball in an actual park and not an indoor stadium. With all the statues in Baltimore coming down, that leaves plenty of room for a new one of Beckham. Love ya, Timmy.

Let’s talk about the pitching too. It’s still bad….but not as bad as before the All Star Break. Take a look at the starters since the break.

Kevin Gausman 4-1 3.35 ERA 1.23 WHIP

Dylan Bundy 4-0 3.62 ERA 1.08 WHIP

Jeremy Hellickson 1-2 4.50 ERA 1.11 WHIP (Since coming over to Baltimore)

Wade Miley 2-3 5.79 ERA 1.55 WHIP

Ubaldo Jimenez 1-4 6.03 ERA 1.69 WHIP

Chris Tillman 0-2 7.65 ERA 1.65 WHIP (Made 2 relief appearances out of the bullpen, has been pulled from rotation)

There it is. Kevin Gausman has really turned a corner, and Dylan Bundy, when working on extra rest has been phenomenal too. But that can’t keep up, IF they make the playoffs, you can’t have Bundy start every 8 days. Hellickson has been okay since he came over, but nothing special. Miley is still walking everyone and their mother, and Ubaldo just stinks. He stinks to high hell. Fire him to the god damn sun. Going to be very hard for the O’s to stick around and compete with only 2/5 starters being serviceable, and that is including last year’s Opening Day Starter, Chris Tillman being sent to the bullpen.


I talked about it above, but the Orioles are celebrating 25 years of Camden Yards, the best damn ballpark in the world. O’s have a big change in front of them to win a series and crawl back into this. They play a lot better at home, and with the big crowds this weekend, they’ll have all the support behind them. Go sweep a series why don’t ya?