Macklemore Should Be The One Who Decides Who Is And Isn't Racist

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform At Nova's Red Room

It is time for Americans to take in a look in the mirror and admit something unpleasant, that racism is still alive in America. Although many believed that the election of a black President and the selection of a black woman as the Bachelorette had cured racism, the events of this past weekend show that this is simply not the case.

But there is another problem that is arguably just as big of a problem as racism: the problem of people being called racists without proper evidence. Far too often, labels like racist or Nazi or Klansman are thrown around with almost no evidence whatsoever. The script is all too familiar, a left-wing pundit will accuse their enemy of being a Nazi, but the second you ask to see actual proof of membership in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, all of a sudden the liberal media goes silent.

Currently, we rely solely on the court of public opinion to decide whether someone is a racist or not. With its low bar of evidence, this is a court that has convicted Cosmo Kramer and Riley Cooper of racism based on a singular incident. But racism is, like excellence, not an act but a habit.  Are we as Americans really prepared to crucify someone in the arena of ideas just because one time they loudly screamed racial slurs in front of a large crowd of strangers?

White suburban liberals who proudly proclaim how they are “so not racist” are often the first ones to accuse others of racism. But how can one identify racism if they themselves have a zero racism rating? Frankly, it is just too complicated for the average lay person with no legal training to determine who is and isn’t racist. People like to point out that Robert E. Lee owned slaves and say that that makes him racist, but in those days, almost everyone owned slaves. By the logic of modern day liberals, almost everyone in the American South in the mid-19th century would have been labelled a racist — if everyone is a racist, can anyone really be a racist?

The only way to end racism is to be able to accurately and definitively identify who is actually a racist, and the only way to do that is to give the accused their day in court. Establishing a racism court would prevent individuals who attend 3-4 white nationalist rallies just to check out what it’s all about from being incorrectly identified as racists and ensure that Twitter outrage is directed towards only the truly guilty.

Our Supreme Court currently only makes it in the news if a Justice dies or if an errant pube is found on a can of Coca-Cola. But a racism court — staffed by racially transcendent individuals like Macklemore and Hulk Hogan — would be must watch TV as the nation eagerly awaits with bated breath the determination of exactly which frogs are problematic.

In all honestly, we probably can’t cure racism. If Don Lemon screaming with a 12 guest panel via dial up Skype connections can’t adequately address racial injustices in America, then nothing can. However, it’s important that we address the injustices that we can cure, and if a racism court prevents just one 4chan teenager from incorrectly being identified as a racist, it’s worth it.