Conor McGregor's Wax Figure Is One Of The Ugliest Things I've Ever Seen

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So I guess the National Wax Museum in Dublin has been working on their Conor McGregor statue for a while, and today they brought out Tony McGregor (Conor’s dad) to unveil it. It’s ugly as fuck and I feel personally attacked.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.20.22 PM

I’d ask what went wrong, but that would suggest that something went right, and I’d never suggest that in a million years. From the hairstyle they selected, it looks like they were going for how McGregor looked in July of 2014. Why? I don’t know. From the ill-fitting suit they selected, it looks like they were going for The Joker. Seriously, he’s never worn anything that even slightly resembles that. From the pose they selected, it looks like they were going for someone carrying two jugs of milk in an old timey silent film. It’s almost too disrespectful for me to believe this came out of Ireland and was approved to be seen in public. It has to be mind games from Floyd.

I’ve been very busy lately, but if the people of Dublin want me to stand still in their wax museum posing as Conor McGregor, I will give them a very good rate. I’ve been told I bare a striking resemblance to Notorious in the past…

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