Daniel Cormier Handled His Loss To Jon Jones With Class Upon His Return To UFC Tonight

In the lead-up to UFC 214, I stated time and time again that I didn’t like Jon Jones and never would. He’s a piece of shit human being, plain and simple. I got a few Twitter eggs telling me, “I can’t fucking wait for you to eat your words on July 29th when Jones whoops your boy’s ass!” despite my multiple preview blogs where I explicitly said Jones would be the victor. When Jones did win, they came out of the woodwork to let me know I have to like him now because he “proved me wrong”. I thought that was absolutely ridiculous because it seemed like Rocky IV instilled some theory in their brains that if someone wins a fight they deserve your respect on a moral level. Do you expect DANIEL CORMIER to feel that way about Bones Jones?! Jon has said some of the most fucked up shit imaginable to DC and openly joked about his drugged up hit and run knowing Cormier’s three month old daughter was killed in a car accident. The former light heavyweight champ put it very well here when he said he has the utmost respect for the competitor that Jones is, but can never be “friends” with him, and you have to understand that. Trash talk aside, Jones kicked his head into the fifteenth row like three weeks ago. I don’t think I’d be able to be buddy-buddy with someone that did that to me ever.

When DC hints at getting back in the cage with Jones one more time though, that’s where he lost me. Don’t do that to yourself.