Jameis Winston Has The Most Mesmerizing Voice In All Of Sports/Life

I’ve never been more mesmerized by a 2 second clip in my life. It’s been the talk of Barstool HQ for the last 2 days. Jameis Winston sounds like a southern preacher leading a march. If the whole “football thing” doesn’t work out, he could very well get into the civil rights game. Doesn’t matter what he says, if he says it in that voice, people will listen. He’s been a treasure on Hard Knocks, and sneaky is becoming one of my favorite quarterbacks (allegations aside, of course).

Remember when FSU was down 28-13 against Ole Miss? And then Jameis gave the greatest speech in the history of halftimes?

I can’t wait for him to narrate Planet Earth/lead us into battle when World War III starts.