'Super Blood Hockey' Is The Video Game That Is Going To Make Hockey Violent Again

Every time you turn on the news, it’s some over-protective mom talking about how violent video games are and how they’re ruining society. Listen, mom. I’m not going to go on a shooting spree just because whenever I play Grand Theft Auto, I completely ignore the missions and just start fucking shit up on the streets of San Andreas. You’re either born with that shit or you’re not.

Then on the other hand, you’ve got all these stat nerds doing everything they possibly can to run the enforcer position in hockey into extinction. People have been trying to take fighting out of hockey for years now. It’s decreasing, sure, but you’ll never fully take it out of the game.

So you’ve got bitches in one corner trying to get rid of violent video games. You’ve got more bitches in the other corner trying to take fighting out of hockey. And then you’ve got the creators of Super Blood Hockey telling everybody to suck it.

I’ve been going to sleep every night of my life praying for a video game to come along that allows you to get into a 12v12 fight. Looks like those prayers have finally been answered. And I know that this is just an arcade style game. It’s not going to completely revolutionize the gaming industry or anything like that. But what it is going to revolutionize is how you kill time between 9am and 5pm while you’re stuck at work. You can just play this shit on your computer, waste a solid 6 hours while you’re not pooping and/or eating. Then you punch that clock and you’re on your way out. Plus it looks like all the teams are international squads so it’s a nice way to get real Xenophobic and racist while you get your hockey fighting fix in for the day.

Between Super Blood Hockey and Old Time Hockey, I think the future of video games and the future of hockey are both in great hands.