The NBA 2K18 Trailer Is Here And It Looks Incredible


Every year I tell myself I shouldn’t buy the new 2K. I try and convince my stupid brain that the graphics probably won’t be that much better, the gameplay won’t change much, and it’s not worth the $59.99 (this year you can get a Legend Edition for $99.99 or a Legend Edition Gold for $149.99). I cannot tell you how long I played NBA 2K11 for, probably a good 5 seasons. I’m a big myCareer/GM guy and was always too invested (poor) to keep dropping that money time after time for minimal changes.

But after seeing that trailer, I don’t care that my 2K16 is less than a year old, how could you not pull the trigger? That shit looks incredible. Now normally these trailers always look a little better than the actual gameplay, but it wouldn’t shock me if this was pretty close after learning about what went into making this year’s edition

September 19th (or 15th if you preorder) cannot come soon enough if you ask me. Now back to that trailer, a couple things stood out to me. First, way too much CHA. Does 2K know something we don’t? Are the Hornets about to make a jump this season? Is Kemba going to break out? Also, I found it funny that certain scenes they used couldn’t be more accurate. Boogie frustrated? Bank on that. Rondo coming off the court shaking his head in frustration? I’ll put my mortgage on that. Same goes for Schroder and the Hawks and Turner for Indiana.  Even in the video game world these guys are going to have a tough time, and I thought that was a nice touch. It would be weird if we saw a highlight of like D’Angelo Russell crossing up Steph Curry instead of him diving for a turnover like we got in that trailer. 2K said this was going to be their most realistic edition yet and everything we’ve seen so far confirms that.

This was also the first time we got to see what these new jerseys look like in game action, even though it’s fake game action and personally I didn’t really notice the logos. I hope this also happens in real life.

But this got me thinking, if I could tell 2K one thing to update for 2K19, this is what I’d probably go with

Let the player you create/franchise you run in a previous edition carry over to the new edition

How this would happen I don’t really know, I’m more of an idea guy. But maybe make it so that you have to purchase a code for $10 or something that allows that shit to transfer over. I know there is probably some fancy tech reason why this can’t happen, but some of us are deeply committed to building our franchises, only to have to start all over once the new game comes out. Same thing for create a player. You know how fucking hard it is in 2K now to make your player legit? It takes FOREVER, and then once you finally get to a respective rating, you can’t carry it over. How has this not been addressed? Isn’t this something that MLB The Show figured out?

I would have no problem buying the new game every year if I could be guaranteed all those hours from the previous 12 months weren’t for nothing.

Either way, we got a month to go before we can all call out of work and play online against each other for 14 straight hours. Can’t wait.


A+ song choice going with “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep. F- choice editing the shit out of it.