The Internet Demands Macklemore Denounce His White Supremacist Hitler Youth Nazi Haircut

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform At Nova's Red Room

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A dude named @fart calling for a superstar music artist to publicly denounce his own haircut – 2017 is fucking crazy man.

Obviously the dude was joking around – I mean I would at least assume so from his tone, Twitter profile, and the fact his name is Fart.  But I love the overall premise so much.  That we have so much access to celebrities that we can make them publicly disavow their stupid haircuts.

And let’s be honest Macklemore, that shit was as Hitler Youth as it gets.


Say hello to the new definitely NOT a Nazi Macklemore –

Sziget Festival

Now instead of a haircut that sucks because of it’s association with racism, he has a haircut that just flat out sucks.  Upgrade!