The Director Of Kong: Skull Island Rips The YouTube Series "Cinema Sins" To Shreds For Hating On His Movie

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Kind of conflicted here.  Definitely entertained by the beef, I’m here for any sort of beef, but as far as which side I’m taking, that’s tough.

I’m on Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ wavelength – at least I see where he’s coming from – for the most part here, but let’s just get some of the negatives out of the way first.  One especially that really jumps out at me.  Him talking about reviews and videos like this contributing to “The dumbing down of cinema.”

Buddy…you made Kong: Skull Island.   This ain’t Citizen Kane 2 here.  I heard it’s actually pretty good and is some good dumb movie theater popcorn fun, and it has a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes –  but I don’t think anyone on Planet Earth would refer to Kong: Skull Island as “cinema”.   Let’s relax with the tortured artist act.  The star of your movie is a massive CGI monkey.

Also nobody likes a thin-skinned crybaby.  If you’re going to make multi million dollar blockbuster movies, or just movies in general, you’re going to be reviewed by critics, and those reviews aren’t always going to be good.

What I AM on board with is his takedown of Cinema Sins using very specific examples and pointing out what they’re just flat out wrong about.  The Cinema Sins clips are always pretty entertaining especially when they do them for really bad movies, but if you start nitpicking things and getting things factually incorrect, it loses a lot of its luster.  Roberts is right, Mystery Science Theater was incredible and set the standard for this type of thing.  Spending 20 minutes over analyzing (often inaccurately) a silly, fun movie is just a waste.

Having said that…kind of a snowflake.

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