The Yankees Beat That Little League Team From Queens Again, But Chapman Struggled AGAIN

I wish the Yankees could play the Mets EVERY SINGLE DAY. You honestly never felt threatened all night long because they’re the goddamn Mets. Even with Jacob deGromm on the bump, easily their best healthy pitcher on the staff, the Yanks smacked him around with relative ease. The Mets didn’t have much of a chance against the newest Yankee, who was making his home debut, Sonny Gray.

He was brilliant all night long and for the first time as a Yankee got run support while in the game. In both Cleveland and Toronto the Bronx Bombers failed to score for him while in the game. No matter how good you are, you need some type of run support to win games. It’s science. You give Sonny Gray any type of runs, and we he wins the game. I like that equation.

Seeing Gray in person is a treat in itself. He’s just a guy you feel completely comfortable with on the mound and are always confident he’s going to cruise to a victory. He’s the guy you want on the mound in a deciding playoff game no doubt about it. With this bullpen (minus the Cuban Missile) if you give me six innings and two earned runs, then the game is practically over.

The offense got going in the 3rd inning when the Yankees actually got a hit with a runner is scoring position. That hit of course came from the reliable bat of Aaron Hicks.

I think I can count on Hicks for legit anything at this point. Any ball hit to him in the outfield is caught, anyone running on him is thrown out, and when we need a big hit he’s the man that comes through as of late. God bless him and his future on this team.

For a little bit it looked like this one was gonna be a 1-0 nail biter pitcher’s duel, until Jacoby Ellsbury, of all people, ran into one.

And then soon after, Gary Sanchez uncorked this BOMB to left…

Over his last seven games, El Gary is mashing at a .440 clip with four homers and and seven RBIs. It’s pretty obvious the benching he had a little over a week ago has motivated him to become a cyborg once again. After missing a good chunk of the season, Gary has proved that last year was no fluke at all. If you pro-rate this season over 162 games you’re looking at a 40 homer 112 RBI year for the Yankees catcher. Ever since having a lunch with A-Rod and J Lo he’s been on a tear. They talk every day now and you just have to love that.

Things got a little dicey in the 9th simply because Aroldis Chapman is an asshole.

He’s just not a good closer right now and his confidence has been zapped. When you’ve got two rookies hitting 9th inning homers off of you in back to back appearances that’s a tough look. Chapman was reportedly inconsolable after the game, staying in uniform for a quite a while with his head down at his locker until he hit the showers. He’s open to any role they give him now, and admits he’s lost at the moment. So what needs to happen? Well David Robertson needs to become the closer for the time being. He’s got the most experience in the role and has been pitching lights out since rejoining the Yanks so it seems like a no brainer to me. Dellin has been near perfect of late out of the 8th inning so I really don’t think we should fuck that up. Over his last nine innings, dating back to July 29th, he’s allowed ONE single hit while striking out 13 men. So where does Chapman fit in this? The 7th inning or the 8th when Dellin has pitched in back to back days? It’s a tough situation to handle, but right now Aroldis Chapman cannot be pitching the 9th inning for the New York Yankees. He pulled up after the final out grabbing at his hamstring so a DL stint for the slightest of injury might be the move.

Tonight’s Mets starting pitcher is Robert Gsellman. Wanna know why I’m not scared of this guy? Well for starts I pronounce his name “Jizzle-man” because it’s hilarious and this…

Classic Mets. Look forward to seeing you guys in Williamsport!

P.S. Shout out to WWE wrestler Big Cass for rocking an All Rise shirt to the game last night.

P.P.S. Shout out to Coop a Loop Garrett Cooper rocking an Always Sonny shirt in the clubhouse before the game.

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