J-Rod May Save The Yankees Or J-Lo Is Boytoy Shopping

Jennifer Lopez Yankees

NEW YORKAre Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez partially to thank for Gary Sanchez‘s offensive surge?

The catcher homered for the fourth time in seven games on Tuesday, helping the Yankees to a 5-4 win over the Mets, and said that a recent power lunch in midtown Manhattan with the superstar couple helped to clear his mind.


“We met the other day,” Sanchez said through an interpreter. “Talked a lot about pretty much everything. Everything that comes from him, it’s positive. We talked a little bit about defense, creating a routine, following your routine, preparing for games. We keep talking — we’ve had phone calls here and there. And his girlfriend was there, J-Lo. She gave me some advice.”

Sanchez said that over their meal at the Casa Lever eatery on Friday, Lopez reiterated much of what Rodriguez suggested about steering his thinking in a positive direction.

“She’s a superstar at what she does, she’s a great singer and great actress, and Alex is a superstar in baseball,” Sanchez said. “Any advice coming from them, I will listen to them.”

The only thing I don’t like about J-Lo and A-Rod is that it took so long for them to get together. Not only has J-Lo given Alex street cred, but she just makes him more likable. His social media posts were getting weirder over time, but now with her in them being the most beautiful woman on the planet, they don’t seem as weird. Now the power couple of 2017, that should’ve been 2007, is getting together to turn around the Yankees season by getting Gary Sanchez back on track.

If you’re struggling at the plate, there may not be a better person to talk to than A-Rod. Possibly the greatest hitter of our generation, A-Rod has dealt with being a young superstar and the spotlight of Yankee Stadium. For years we’ve heard about Rodriguez taking rookies under his wing and with the Yankees still paying him this season, advising Sanchez is the least he can do. Then you mix in J-Lo who has been a global superstar and has gone through probably everything a celebrity can go through, while still being the Queen of The Bronx and you’ve got a winning combination.

At the same time though, I haven’t ruled out J-Lo using A-Rod to get closer to young studs. Since dating Alex, she’s been out to lunch with Sanchez and photographed with Judge, so it’s not totally out of line to think she’s lining up her next bull. She’s clearly found a fountain of youth, so it would make sense to keep a bullpen of young studs lined up.