Trump Delivers Another Ridiculous Presser, Tells Reporters To "Take It Nice And Easy"

(starts about the 0:40 second mark)

What Trump is doing and saying is ridiculous. It’s fucked. This one is pretty simple and it’s pretty simple because you’ve got nazis against everyone else. You condemn the nazis and move on. Simple. Easy, yet he continues to fuck it up.

He came out with his “many sides” thing, got slammed, made additional comments yesterday finally condemning the nazis and white supremacists for what they are, lasted one whole day, and then broke down and started lambasting everyone and spewing the “both sides are to blame” thing.

That’s fucked. He’s wrong. That’s obvious.

HOWEVER, I can’t not laugh at this. The guy waltzes out there, reads his own transcript from Saturday, omits the controversial part, then when the journalists interject about that omission he raises his voice with “excuse me, excuse me, take it nice and easy.”

Fucking Donnie. What a clown. Here are some more highlights from today’s presser.