Kirk Cousins Wants To Be On The Redskins For The Rest Of His Career

First of all, what a ridiculous picture from Sal Pal. I hope this is a sign of things to come. I could see Sal Pal becoming the leader of “old person Instagram”. Facebook is overrun by aunties and their tuna casseroles, and then Rick Reilly is the undisputed King of old person Twitter, and now Sal Pal is on Instagram posting pictures that look like he’s lecturing Kirk Cousins. Sal looks like he’s saying “I’m not mad, just disappointed” as Kirk drops his head, knowing he’s in the wrong.

But besides that picture, the interview is very interesting:

PFT - Cousins told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that he loves playing where he is and hopes to remain where he is for life.

“I would love to be . . . a Redskin the rest of my career,” Cousins said. “When you look at the best of the best, those quarterbacks played with one team. And if you point to a couple guys who didn’t, who changed teams, it really was against their will: I think if Joe Montana or Peyton Manning had their way they would have stayed where they had won Super Bowls and played so well. They wouldn’t have played so well. So my desire is to stay with one team my entire career, and that would be Washington.”

I mean…it’s still amazing how bad the Skins butchered this. I stopped and thought about it, read some old articles about it, and it’s still pretty mind blowing. They had so many chances to lock him up long-term, and then didn’t. And then ANOTHER offseason came and went, and they still couldn’t lock him up long-term. And all the while, he wants to be in Washington. You know how rare that is?! Cousins, who is the best Skins QB in 2 decades, wants to be the long-term answer at QB for the Skins, and it’s proven impossible to get a deal done because they Redskins would never pay market value. It stinks.

So if he doesn’t get his way and get the deal in DC, he’ll probably end up in San Fran next season, and the Skins will be left holding their pud in their hand, trying to draft a QB, going 6-10 for the rest of eternity. Hopefully both sides can figure it out…and if not, maybe they’ll just hit him with the franchise tag for the 3rd year in a row and pay him 33 mil guaranteed. That’d be quite something.