Trump Is Playing Outrageously Fast And Loose With His Retweet Button...

President Trump Hosts CEO Town Hall On America Business Climate At White House

It’s been a whirlwind of a 3 or 4 days for Donnie, which amazingly comes amongst a whirlwind of a 7-ish months. Which I expect to come amongst a whirlwind of a 4 years (potentially 8 years; I absolutely think he’s got a chance to win reelection). Over the weekend he took a bunch of shit for not calling out and condemning Nazis (well-deserved shit, in my opinion). Yesterday he made additional comments clearing up any confusion and condemning white supremacy, naziism, etc.

Following a pretty standard patten at this point, he dove right back into ambiguity and absurdity with his twitter action last night and this morning.

First, he retweeted this.


Jack Posobiec is an alt-right conspiracy theorist psycho. He plants signs into crowds and pushes bananaland conspiracy theories like pizzagate and other super fucked up and unsubstantiated nonsense.

Next, he retweeted some dude calling him a fascist.

donald trump fascist retweet

That dude was pretty jacked up about it.

(not quite sunscreen numbers, but pretty strong showing nonetheless)

Finally, he retweeted this meme of the Trump Train running over CNN.

donald trump train retweet

Given the context of a counter-protester being run over and killed during the Charlottesville rally this weekend, this RT comes in pretty poor taste*. Especially coming from a President who was hesitant to directly condemn the hate that sparked this tragedy.

Bottom line, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and probably forever, but Donnie’s gotta tighten it up. Gotta tighten the screws on that twitter account. Too fast, too loose. Guy’s like Portnoy post-cuck RTing anything and everything anti-jhammmmy. Can’t be that sloppy with the emotions. Can’t be that unchecked. Not as the leader of the free world.

Love it for content. Hate it from my prez.

*No matter what people say, the Trump Train running over CNN retweet makes me giggle. Can’t help it. Don’t choose who you fall in love with and don’t choose what you laugh at. And the image of President Trump checking his phone real quick, seeing that, laughing, then hitting the RT button gets me every time. Incredible stuff.