Tim Tebow Just Changed Grandma Margret’s Life Forever

Of all the things Tim Tebow has done this one may be the most remarkable. And keep in mind this is literally a guy who saved a man who was having a seizure from dying in Spring Training by just touching him. A guy who cured an Autistic kid two days ago by signing a baseball for him. But this? This just defies logic. I mean in today’s internet age this is a prank 100% of the time. Whenever a millennial asks a famous athlete to say hello to his grandmother on camera it’s bad news. Usually Punk kids will take that video and then make another video of themselves like cumming on you or something. Something diabolical. Like Logan Paul would play this on repeat and his gang of street toughs would just be dabbing all over you. But with Tebow it’s somehow real. Grandma Margret is some sweet old lady who is genuinely moved by this video. I don’t get it. Nothing on the internet is pure and innocent anymore, but everything Tebow does is pure and innocent. It’s bananas. And let’s keep our eye on Grandma Margaret too. I’d almost be surprised at this point if she didn’t start Benjamin Buttoning right before our eyes.