I'd Very Much Like To Join This Crew Of Rollerblading Nuns

Homegirl got so high off the ground here it was like she was heading upstairs to talk to her boss, Jesus.

The Church of Brink.

I would just like to thank Fox News real quick for bringing this story to life. Everywhere you turn it’s “Neo-Nazis this” and “North Korea that”. It’s gotten to the point where I’d almost rather watch Two Broke Girls than the news these days. But Fox is sticking to the shit that people actually care about, the “Holy Rollers”. I’ve never been much of a religious guy myself but I’d consider getting baptized if that’s what it takes to roll around with the Bad Gals of Christianity. Just a couple of babes who love two things and two things only; Shredding the streets of Corpus Christi, Texas and God. I can get down with that.

Rollerblading has become a forgotten, almost shunned, mode of transportation over the past 15-20 years or so.  Not quite sure why that is. It’s a highly efficient, highly practical and fucking sweet way to get around from point A to point B. You want to talk shit on blading? You have to talk shit to these nuns first. Have fun with your one-way trip to hell after that. I’ll be blading my ass off in heaven for the rest of eternity.