TCU Apparently Played Dunder Mifflin in Basketball - A Review of the Box Score


Nothing like an exhibition game against Dunder Mifflin to get TCU ready for the Big 12. Now, while I love this move, I have some problems with the box score. We’ll get into that in a second – but first, why the hell is there a box score with characters from The Office? TCU was playing the Longhorns, an Australian team during their tour. The Longhorns didn’t have any names attached to their jersey numbers, the TCU statistician decided to have a little fun.

So let’s get into this box score. First off, it does make sense to see Jim Halpert drop 28 points and 9 boards. He was clearly the star of this team and we’ve seen him play with some anger when going against Roy. It’s unclear if anyone on TCU previously dated Pam, but going 10-for-14 from the field probably included a couple moves like this:

Michael Scott is apparently the most improved player in the world as he went 3-for-3 from the free throw line and dropped 13 points. Frankly, I was surprised to see him just have 3 turnovers since he could hardly dribble the last time we saw him on the court. But getting back to his shooting performance, he must have been working with Dave Hopla. Assuming there was better shot selection than this:

How about Meredith Palmer? Who would have guessed she would be out there dropping 17 and 6. The rebounding actually makes sense the more I think about it. Based on what we know about Meredith, she probably has great form when it comes to boxing out and getting into position. From there I assume a sweaty Meredith creates space and is able to corral the ball. Now, getting 17 points and being the second leading scorer? Shocking from someone like this:


My biggest complaint though is the lack of game from Kevin Malone. The dude can play. At the minimum he’s out there draining some 3s with his perfect BEEF shot form. I picture him more as a Zach Randolph type though, one who could throw his weight around for a double-double with about a 2 inch vertical leap. You’re telling me Angela is out there blocking a shot but big man Kevin can’t get a rebound? No respect.