Odell Beckham Jr. Just Casually Made A Spectacular One-Handed Grab Over Janoris Jenkins

Well I’m dead. Killed by a one-handed Odell Beckham catch over one of the best DBs in the NFL last season. Someone get their ass up to Winterfell, NY and burn my massive body before I come back as a White Walker once winter comes. Twitter is currently up to its eyeballs in cum as this play gets quote retweeted to infamy. Sure it’s only one catch during training camp. But Odell just made everyone’s Monday a little more fun. That’s His gift to us and we are thankful for it.

The only downside to this catch is all the peons already chirping that Odell couldn’t do this in the playoffs. First it was Odell couldn’t lead a team of 53 guys to the playoffs. Then it was he can’t win a playoff game (*cough* or stay off a boat before said playoff game). And soon it’s going to be he can’t win back-to-back Super Bowls or set every receiving record ever. But the best of this is that the haters only power ODB like the sun powers Superman. Good thing Odell Beckham skipped those volunteer workouts or else things would be really unfair. I’ve had to blog a lot about the Giants dance parties lately since we haven’t had many highlights to work with. But something tells me once the Giants travel to Jerruh’s World against whatever Cowboys aren’t suspended for Week 1, the highlights will start pouring in. The Giants are ready to take the NFL by storm and Odell is going to lead them dancing all the way. In fact the one sad thing about that video is that we didn’t get any of Odell’s patented dance moves since he would never show up a teammate. What a guy. So #humble. #TheTeamTheTeamTheTeam.

UPDATE: Odell unleashed the dance moves for us! Something for everybody on a Monday morning.