Jeremy Roenick vs Marshawn Lynch Is The Fight That I Am Here For


There is not a single, less interesting topic in all of sports right now than professional athletes sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem. I would rather listen to Gilbert Godfrey talk about the weather for 24 hours than have to hear another national anthem debate on ESPN for even one more minute. I don’t hate Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem. I hate him for starting this entire conversation that does nothing but go in circles and circles. People are allowed to expressed themselves and kneel during the anthem. People are allowed to be offended by those who decide to kneel during the anthem. People can do whatever the fuck they want, just keep it to yourself because nobody cares about what your stance on it is. However, I’m all in on this god forsaken debate if it means we get to have Jeremy Roenick vs Marshawn Lynch.

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Hailing from Boston, we have Jeremy Roenick. 20 years in the NHL and a 500-goal scorer. Now works for NBCSN where he and Mike Milbury have a nightly competition to see who can shit out of their mouth the hardest. And in the other corner, hailing from Oakland, we have Marshawn Lynch. 5x Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion, one of the most beloved athletes in the world at the moment. The rivalry that nobody in 500 million years could have ever predicted.

Like I said up top. I don’t give a shit if you agree with Marshawn Lynch or not. That’s actually a great motto for life in general. Care as little about everything as possible. If you don’t have opinions or feelings or anything like that, you’ll live a long and prosperous life. But the moment you publicly come out declaring yourself on one side or the other, you’re an asshole. Simple as that. And the moment you put your opinion out there publicly, you open yourself up to look like even more of an ass. Take for example, Jeremy Roenick.

I wouldn’t consider myself a PR expert. But I do know that a white guy who played professional ice hockey probably shouldn’t be the guy to say the anthem protest has nothing to do with color and that we should stop the color crap. I get where he’s coming from. I know that Jeremy Roenick is not a racist because he doesn’t agree with Marshawn Lynch. People who automatically make that jump are just as big of assholes. But this is a perfect example of why you should “never have opinions on anything and you’ll be okay”. If you have an opinion on Marshawn Lynch and the national anthem, do yourself a favor and order a pizza and watch an episode of a show on Netflix first before you tweet it out. You’ll realize 30-45 minutes later that nobody gives a fuck and you’ll save yourself a ton of energy in the meantime. Plus you’ll have pizza.