This Dude Who's Afraid Of Heights Crawling To The Edge Of A Cliff Is So Weird It's Funny

This guy’s wife is hands down the meanest person in the world. Hey lady, he doesn’t like heights. He’s probably been telling you that for the entirety of your marriage. So maybe don’t force him to literally CRAWL to the edge of a giant cliff just so you can have some fun. Maybe find something you both enjoy and make sure it doesn’t involve one of you facing your biggest fears. This  goes back to my last blog and saying how doing stuff alone is the best. Do you think that guy would ever force himself to the edge of a cliff if he had a voice in the discussion? Not a chance. Love makes you do the craziest things. I still can’t believe the crawling. What an absurd situation. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the camera turned around and his wife was holding a gun. She’s lucky he’s such a good sport about it. If he were the spiteful type, he would’ve launched himself off that cliff just to prove a point.