Gianluca Vacchi Just Dropped The Song Of The Summer. Meanwhile Bron Bron Set Back the DJ Game 200 Years

Momma there goes that man again! Oh no biggie. Gianluca Vacchi just dropped his first single ever and it’s already being proclaimed the song of the summer by music experts everywhere. Specifically me. I mean I’m on Nantucket this week and I have Viento on repeat on top of repeat on top of repeat. This is how you get asses on the dancefloor. This song makes me jimmy and jive. I need to shake and bake. I need to feel the vibe. I can’t sit still. It takes me to Ibiza, Carival, Capri and Yacht Week all at once. Just a total electric factory. This is how you DJ! This is how you do it!

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the DJ spectrum Bron Bron got in the booth this weekend in Miami. After worrying how he would survive without Dwade to make him look cool he promptly broke into YMCA. At a club. In Miami. Lamest superstar ever. Period.