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Hackers Leaked A Couple Of Unaired Curb Your Enthusiasm Episodes

THR- Hackers continue to pester HBO, releasing several unaired episodes of the highly anticipated return of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday in their latest leak. Season nine of Larry David’s comedy series is set to premiere in October after the show’s six-year hiatus.

The hackers, who broke into HBO’s computer network and have been doling out stolen information for the past several weeks, also released Sunday night’s episode of Insecure and what appear to be episodes of other lower-profile shows, including Ballers, the unaired shows Barry and The Deuce, a comedy special and other programming. But the hackers didn’t release any material related to the network’s hit show Game of Thrones in their latest leak.

The network acknowledged the hack in late July, and the thieves have been dribbling out stolen video and documents since then while demanding a multimillion-dollar ransom. They have leaked Thrones scripts, sensitive internal documents like job-offer letters and a month’s worth of emails from a programming executive. But the intrusion has so far fallen well short of the chaos inflicted on Sony when the studio was hacked in 2014. Still, the criminals may be holding on to more damaging data — both intellectual property, like unaired programming, and sensitive personal information of HBO employees — that they can use as leverage to try to get money from HBO, said Gartner analyst Avivah Litan.

I remember when news of the HBO hack first dropped and people were losing their marbles about spoilers and if watching the leaks was a good idea or whatever. I’ve already said that I watched last week’s Thrones early because I clearly don’t have the willpower to not watch my favorite show on TV if it is at my finger tips. But to have that Pandora’s Box of intrigue hang over your head is an absolute brutal thing to do. Especially for couples that watch the show together. Relationships definitely ended last week when someone TV cheated on their significant other because he or she was out of town. At first I thought hacking HBO was lame. But hacking HBO and holding Thrones spoilers and healthy relationships as ransom is some true Littlefinger shit.

However leaking Curb episodes just seems so petty and stupid. Like we know everything that’s going to happen from a macro view on Curb this season. Larry’s gonna have some things that bother him and some things that are going to be appear to be good but turn out to be #actuallybad and everything is going to blow up in his face as the Curb theme plays in the background.

It’s like the opposite of Entourage where everything always looked bad yet somehow worked out in the end. This leak isn’t like when Thrones leaked and you could mistakenly find out that (Thrones spoiler) is (Thrones spoiler). Or that (Thrones spoiler) killed (Thrones spoiler). These hackers just will ruin the beginning and middle part of the story for the viewers, which is really no big deal. Curb is actually better the more you watch it. If they released the entire season on HBO GO like it was a Netflix show, I would run through it multiple times. If I find these episodes online, I am going to watch the shit out of them. And then I am going to watch the shit out of them again once they come out on HBO. No real loss for HBO there in my opinion.

However there is one big problem. I feel like Larry David is always looking for a reason to stop making new seasons of Curb but he never finds one big enough so he just says ahhhh fuck it after a hiatus and plugs away. He is probably MISERABLE the entire time he’s doing it. But after another long wait, he’s back in again. I feel like everyone has that experience with a fantasy football league at least once in their life. Anyway, a hack like this could be the thing to trigger LD to just say fuck it because it’s confusing technology and old people hate when they get fucked in the proverbial ass by technology. And if this hack is what causes Larry David to shake his fist at the sky and finally cut bait with Curb, we need to draw and quarter these hackers.

Obligatory Chris Christie Curb video:

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