The Weekend Greenie Bag - Which Rookie Is Going To Have The Biggest Impact?


Happy lazy Sunday everybody and welcome to another weekly edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag. This week, despite still being 65 Days from Opening night, was filled with a wide variety of thoughts and concerns on many stoolies minds. As always we’re thankful for your contribution and encourage anyone who may be reading this for the first time to join in on the fun either through Twitter (#GreenieBag) or email ( Just because there isn’t anything going on in the NBA world at the moment doesn’t mean you need to keep your takes bottled up inside. Let me hear them and we can talk about it.

With that said, your questions..

I don’t want to rain on your hopes and dreams Mike, but this isn’t happening. Maybe if the Celts were opening at home, but considering the first game of the 2017 NBA season is in Cleveland, something tells me they do not give a rats ass about Paul Pierce.

But this does pose a good question. When should the Celtics honor Paul? He did already get the tribute when he was with the Clippers, but this will obviously be different since his number will be going up into the rafters. I would guess they would do it the first home game or something, whenever that ends up being, but I certainly hope they can find a game that has a cool tie to his career. For example, maybe do it the first home game against Toronto because it was the Raptors who Pierce played in his fist game as a Celtic. Something like that.



Been seeing a lot of AD talk, which is obviously never going to happen, but why has nobody mentioned Cousins? With the expiring contract, how bad the Pelicans will probably be and what he was traded for originally, I can’t see him going for that much. With that being sad, his skillset is still there and is an ideal fit. Assuming the starters stay, we’re talking about an IT/GH/JC/AH/DC starting 5.

What are the chances this happens? I know the C’s were supposedly not in on him at last year’s deadline. How much do you think it’d take to get him? – Viva, Ben

Time is a flat circle. I know on paper the idea of Boogie makes a lot of sense for the Celtics. I myself am a Pro Boogie guy. I truly think if you put him in the right environment, with the right coach/veterans/management he can absolutely be an asset. It all comes down to what you believe. Some say the Celts wanted him but Brad refused. If that really is true, I don’t love that so much because you’re stupid if you don’t think the skills Boogie possessions address a lot of the Celtics major glaring holes.

No doubt the Celtics have the combination of assets to pull a deal off, but you can’t really base it off what NO traded him for. That doesn’t mean the Celtics would get the same price. It certainly wouldn’t cost any of the major pieces, but here’s the thing. Let’s say they do pull off that trade, he is going to command big time max money after next season. At that price, who are you willing to give up? Isaiah? Maybe Isaiah AND Marcus? To me, the timing of his contract situation doesn’t really line up. That’s why, if it were me, I would just wait out AD for a couple more years until he ultimately hits the market. By that time you have Horford money off the books, hopefully your young talent has taken a leap, and you’re a few years into new young lottery talent, all while still having All Star talent on the roster, in a conference that probably won’t have Lebron James in it anymore.


Hey Greenie!

What are your thoughts on the roster as currently constructed? We’ve got 16 guaranteed deals, have some fluidity in the starting 5 outside of Hayward, IT and Al, and we need more rebounding. I like the additions of Baynes and Morris, but I still don’t feel comfortable without at least one more true rebounder on the squad.  Do you think a small SnT is possible? Maybe for a RFA like Len/Noel/JaMychal Green? Thanks – Tim

Tim I think you’re forgetting some people. First off, Ante Zizic is definitely going to help in the rebounding department, almost by default. The way we saw him rebound in Vegas has to give you some glimmer of hope. Then also factor in Yabu and Daniel Theis, two question marks sure, but also guys who have shown they can get after it on the boards as well. To me, this roster looks solid on paper, the Celtics have brought in players that address some of their issues from last season which is ideal, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason to still be a little nervous. I mean none of these guys have played one actual minute of NBA basketball.

It is interesting that those RFAs are still out there though. I don’t see the Celts making any sort of sign and trade, mostly because of what it would take to make everything match. I really liked Green at last year’s deadline as a potential low cost option, but it wouldn’t shock me if all three of these guys ended up just accepting their qualifying offer, playing out the year, and then hit the market next year as a UFA.



With the new jerseys being released, I’ve seen a lot of people hating the GE advertisement (which I agree looks stupid). However, isn’t it a good thing for the team since the front office will be making money from the advertisement, so they might be more inclined to spend more money and go deeper into the luxury tax than teams without the ad? – Liam

Liam, this is the only thing that is making me accept that stupid gigantic logo on the most iconic jersey in the NBA. I’ve seen mixed reviews, some don’t think it’s a huge deal, others absolutely hate it, and I’m somewhere in the middle. I get that in 2017, the jerseys are going to have some sort of logo on it. I get that GE has a HQ in Boston so it makes sense. What I do not get is why it has to be so fucking big.


We’ll see just how willing they are to use this extra cash as soon as next summer. Ownership has been vocal saying they are again willing to go into the luxury tax to produce a winner, so I don’t want to hear any crying that they don’t have the money. Personally, I would have went with my original idea back when the news first broke about the Celts going this route


Maybe I spoke too soon. John is right here. These new jerseys are providing relief in more ways than just an influx of cash. We are finally getting rid of those god awful Parquet Pride jereys. Somewhat of a personal rival, I don’t care what the numbers told me. When the Celtics wore these, they looked and played like trash. They had what a 3-4 year run or something like that? I’m not sure how that was allowed because they are awful. In fact shame on the person who came up with that design.

The Celts haven’t “formally” released their new Nike ones yet, but they are everywhere


Personally, I would have liked to see the trim go all the way around the arm, but compared to others, this isn’t so bad. But god dammit I cannot stop staring at that logo.


Hey Greenie, I know the obvious answer is Tatum but with the clog at SF, which rookie do you think will have the biggest impact on the team this season? – Thanks, Ryan

If we’re not going with the obvious answer, I’m going to stick with Ante Zizic. I think his rim protection and aggressiveness on the boards, as well as his ability to set solid ass screens for Isaiah & Co, will have a good amount of impact on the team. It all will come down to how quickly he can pick up NBA basketball, as well as how in shape he is, but if both those boxes are checked, he is going to be a steal. I think Baynes gets the shot to start at the five, but it would not shock me one bit if we see Zizic make a few starts during the year.

Yabu is close though, I am so ready for the French Draymond it’s not even funny.

That’ll do it for this week, thank to everyone who wrote in, we’re getting closer to the season by the day. We can do this. See everyone same place next week.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!