Our Guy Smylie Kaufman Got Engaged Today

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Now it is true that I’m on record saying young, rich and famous professional athletes shouldn’t get married. I’ve actually said they shouldn’t even have a girlfriend and I still believe that for the most part. I’ve said they need to be out there living their insane life to the fullest and taking advantage of all the awesome things that come along with it. I’ve said it about Rickie and Spieth and probably Smylie too. But we’ve actually had the chance to hang out with Smylie and his girlfriend on a couple of occasions (mostly down in Augusta at the Natty Shack) and they’re a great couple. Francie is fucking awesome. Maybe the nicest person I’ve ever met.  So Smylie is smart to lock her up forever.

We even ran into her when we were at the Travelers and she remembered me

So, not that my opinion matters in the slightest because it doesn’t, but I fully support these two crazy kids getting hitched. Best of luck you two and congratulations.