The Detroit Red Wings Want It To Be Known That They Are Not White-Supremacists


By now I’m sure you’re all well aware of the situation going on in Charlottesville. I’m not here to necessarily here to talk about the Nazi, alt-right, white-supremacist, whatever you want to call these hate-mongering fuckwads. I think we can all agree they are dickless bastards who are embarrassing themselves and the nation. What I am here to talk about, however, is the fact that these jabronis are marching around with the Detroit Red Wings logo for some god forsaken reason. Apparently a group of white supremacists in Detroit called the Detroit Right Wings took the logo from the Red Wings and have been using it ever since. Somehow they forgot to notify the Red Wings of this development, leading the team to issue the following statement:

It’s equal parts funny and sad that the Detroit Red Wings, a professional ice hockey team, has to issue a statement in the year 2017 separating themselves from a nazi movement that’s taking place in the United States. Way more sad than funny but there’s still some humor to be found in the situation if you’re in to dark comedy. Like imagine working for the Red Wings PR team. This has to be the absolute last statement in the world you ever thought you’d have to issue. You wake up on a Saturday morning in August thinking you’re gonna have a nice easy summer day. Then out of nowhere, BAM! your logo is being used in a Nazi March and you have to figure out a way to manage this shit storm. Sad that this is our reality? Obviously. A little bit funny? Also yes.

Like I said. Not necessarily my place to get involved in the politics here. But once you include the Red Wings into your little virgin walk without their expressed written consent, then you force me to involve myself. Do the Detroit Red Wings need an enforcer? Do I need to get my ass down to Virginia and drop the gloves with this Hitler loving cunts? Because if I need to chuck some knucks, I’ll chuck some knucks. You disgrace the sweater that Bob Probert wore and you deserve to get your face bashed in.