Reminder: Tonight I Tee Off On A Pro Softball Pitcher At The Chicago Bandits Game In Rosemont


Real quick reminder for everyone, because none of you have anything better to do tonight and that’s a fact.  Tonight Carl and I are taking over the Chicago Bandits game out in Rosemont for Jennie Finch night.  Yes, I will be parking softballs onto 294.  No, it won’t actually be against Jennie Finch unfortunately.  Her camp said no go after we thought it was a done deal.  She will still be there however and I do plan on asking why she wouldn’t throw 5 or 7 pitches to this guy to try to humiliate him in front of 1000s of people live and 10s of 1000’s of people on the internet:

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.43.21 AM

I love how the most readily available picture of me on the internet is one at Mifflin St Block Party from 6 or 7 years ago so drunk I’m cross eyed

But the good news is I’ll still be hitting off Kelsey Nunley of the USSSA Pride, who’s the all time win leader at Kentucky and was the 5th overall pick in last year’s National Pro Fastpitch draft.

They’re in the SEC if you’ve heard of it, so no big deal I guess.   So far to date, Kelsey has put up gaudy numbers in the NPF.

– 6-1 record and posted a

-2.82 ERA throwing

-60 strikeouts in 54.2 innings pitched

None of which I care about because I’ll be using a 21 ounce bat, I’ll be swinging at a 12″ softball and not a 9″ baseball and the fence is like the size of the LLWS Field.  I connect once and the ball is gone.

So, again, Chicago Stoolies:  Make the trip out, come meet Jennie Finch, then go hit up Joe’s Live or something after the game.  I have been to a few Bandits games before when they played in Lisle, and they do an awesome, awesome job.  If you’re reading this and have a family with young kids and all that good stuff, this is perfect cheap entertainment for a Saturday night.  I mean that when I say it, the Bandits put on an A+ show.

See everyone tonight, video to come sometime next week

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