This Week Has Proved We Are The Undisputed Kings of the Internet


As I currently write this blog the worst writer on the Internet (Hint – Univision) just published an article basically recapping the week at Barstool Sports. Talking about how we went to war with Nazis. How Clay Travis has become a regular caller on Barstool Radio (Clay in the Car). How a freelance writer of ours (Gay Pat) whipped the internet into a frenzy time and time again this week. Obviously Sakool Kaleef tried to make me look like a moron. But in reality all he did was prove what I already know. Barstool Sports and our merry band of idiots are the undisputed Kings of the Internet right now. Guys like Saloof Patel just hanging on our every move. Waiting for high noon to strike everyday so he can hear what I have to say on Barstool radio. Waiting for PMT to drop a new podcast so he can comment on it. Everything our employees do or say is scrutinized with a fine tooth comb and made into headlines for everybody else. We’ve gone from laughing at the news to being the center of it. And it’s not even on purpose. We’re still doing the same stuff we’ve always done. Just head down trying to be funny. It’s just that we’ve become so big, so influential, so powerful that other people who are desperate for clicks and relevancy have decided the best way to survive is ride our wake. Whether it be Clay Travis calling into our radio show like a regular civilian or Univision constantly talking about us. They all know the best way to put asses in the seats is to talk about Barstool. It’s the greatest form of flattery there is. You just talk Barstool and people pay attention. That is power. That is prestige. That is kingly.