New York Jets Preseason Mailbag - On To 2018?

Charone Peake. Jalin Marshall. Robby Anderson. ArDarius Stewart. Four random names I just made up? Nope. It is the Jets top four receivers (in no particular order). Let’s dive into a preseason mailbag of your questions. As always, thanks for tweeting them over and follow here for more Jets analysis


100% under. If this season is a rough approximation of last year in terms of win total (highly likely) by the end of the season they will be going for roughly one dollar. Last year when the Bryce Petty led Jets were hosting the Matt Moore led Dolphins on SATURDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL in a sleet storm, I had six tickets that I desperately wanted to rid myself of. Considering they were going for roughly $2 on StubHub, I decided to leave them in various Murray Hill bars and tweet they were there if anybody wanted to come pick them up. Needless to say, nobody bothered to walk a few blocks to watch the Jets lose by 37 in East Rutherford. 

What if Rihanna used the lyric “beat it like the 68 Jets” because she is actually a huge fan of my random Jets blog and is trying to get to know me? More seriously, if Hackenberg is good that would be amazing because having a quarterback is the most important thing in football. I am happy to eat shit on all of my tweets doubting the pick and wear a #5 jersey each Sunday if he actually ends up being “the guy.” What is bench mark for a “good” season from him in 2017? Let’s go with roughly a 60% completion percentage, more touchdowns than interceptions but no more than 15 total turnovers and signs of making the who’s who cast around him better. 

No. The Patriots don’t care about the Jets or their potential draft plans. Also New England is absolute choking underachievers if they go anything but 19-0 this year. They have actually already underachieved by losing in the preseason. I blame Belichick’s Nantucket photo shoots, Gronk curtailing his drinking and Gisele trying to push Brady into retirement. 

Maybe the Jets can just offer Garoppolo a nice 100 million contract when he hits free agency next year. 

I don’t think so. If Gruden does actually want to get back into coaching, I think he’ll find a job before then. I am also not sure hiring a guy who has been out of coaching for over a decade is the right move. The Jets need to be forward thinking. We also need to see Bates’ work this year before deciding if he is somebody worth keeping around. 

I don’t think Cromartie makes the cut, as he didn’t have quite enough quality years with the team. New England Patriots David Harris, Shaun Ellis and Darrelle Revis are all likely to make it though. 

Top ten feels ambitious because of how unproven linebacker and corner are. I suppose if Morris Claiborne stays healthy and Jordan Jenkins keeps growing, they could be in the top half of the league. The defensive line should be good. The two rookie safeties have been promising in camp but they will make mistakes that any day one starter would. Long term, there is some quality building blocks here though. 

I predicted 6-10 way back when they still had Eric Decker, Quincy Enunwa and David Harris. 4-12 now probably seems more likely. No, I don’t think they are going 0-16 because the year the team clearly isn’t concerned with winning now will not work out that perfectly. Let’s get ready for the 6th pick in the NFL Draft to take another defensive lineman. 

This guy knows what I am talking about. The potential positives could be Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Leonard Williams, Darron Lee showing signs of life and a better than expected offensive line. It would also be nice if one of the two rookie receivers showed themselves capable of being a key piece moving forward. A good overall year from the rookie class would be an encouraging sign for Mike Maccagnan. 

I don’t expect an extension for anybody but it wouldn’t surprise me if both guys got another shot next year, although I am not sold either one of them deserve it. Bowles is basically in a no win situation this year and is the easy scapegoat but Maccagnan resume is questionable as hell at this point.