Breaking News: Derek Jeter Owns The Marlins

We all knew this was coming but it looks like Derek Jeter officially is going to own the Marlins. This is great for baseball because a minority former player will not be an owner and CEO of a team. The Marlins have stunk for a long time because of an ownership group that was more interested in making money than winning ballgames so this is a huge positive for their fans and the Miami area.

For Yankees fans this is a tough one because we will see our bi-racial angel cheering for another team, but on the other side he’s still going to be haunting Met fans. For the last 20+ years, guys like KFC and Clem have had to watch us Yankee fans cheer for Jeter, but now he’ll be beating them not just on the back page of the Daily News, but on the field.

I’m not sure what this will mean for the division of power, but I assume Derek Jeter is going to have a ton of control in how the Marlins set up a winning atmosphere. Last I heard, Jordan was involved in this too, so look for the Marlins to be on the top of the NL East as soon as Harper puts on pinstripes in a year and a half.

Yeah Jeets!