Barstool Gametime Goes LIVE At 4pm On Twitch As We Challenge You, The Stoolie, To Play Us In Rocket League

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Saddle up, bitches. We’re gonna try something new where we incorporate the Stoolies in live, online gameplay on Twitch. Will it work? God no. That’s not how the Barstool way goes. But we’ll try, dammit. We’ll try. Getcha PS4’s locked and loaded. PSN name is BarstoolOffice. Friend us for some unfriendly action.

So follow all the links above and we’ll throw out the info for some Stoolies to join up and ride. Till then here’s our last episode where the crew including Big Cat, Hank, YP, Devlin, and Coley played N64 with Andy Milonakis and Swiftor. Delicious.

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